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GELAN Electric switch socket join agent advantage

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-04-10 

GELAN Electric always adheres to the business philosophy of "creating value for customers, building platforms for employees, growing together with partners, and sharing responsibility for society". With the support of our customers and partners, after 21 years of continuous development, it has become a leader in the domestic electrical and electrical industry. So, what are the advantages of GELAN electrical switch sockets to join agents?


GELAN electrical switch socket to join the agent 10 major advantages:

1. Product advantage

The company responds quickly and sensitively according to market changes, and continuously introduces products suitable for market demand, so that new product promotion is always in sync with the market, ensuring that products are more competitive in sales.

2, price advantage

High quality products, low price enjoyment! We provide our customers with cost-effective products, launch the most suitable products for different types of customers, eliminate the string of goods, and ensure the maximum profit of customers.

3, brand advantage

The company provides a unified brand image and professional management and service, enhances the popularity and influence of the Aisai brand, and greatly promotes product sales.

4, advertising advantages

The company provides free franchisees with door recruits, shop recruits, exhibition boards, etc., and fully supports franchisees to enhance their brand image and increase sales.

5, marketing advantages

In combination with the actual situation of the market and franchisees, formulate practical marketing plans and provide corresponding promotional gifts. For high-quality franchisees, the company's special sales elites have been developing sales networks for them all the year round!

6, market protection advantages

The company provides strict regional market protection for authorized franchisees, implements strict market protection rules, and gives franchisees a good and orderly market development and profit space.

7, technical advantages

The company has a professional R & D team, professional production testing equipment, engineering protection for franchisees, coordinated professional services such as follow-up and after-sales.

8, training advantages

The company will regularly provide training for franchisees and their teams on product knowledge, sales skills and market analysis to help franchisees improve their sales team's comprehensive business capabilities.

9, after-sales advantage

The company's wall switch and socket products have a warranty period of 21 years. Under normal use, the product has quality problems. During the warranty period, the package will be returned free of charge.

10, rebate advantage

The company has developed a reasonable and generous rebate policy for different types of franchisees, so that franchisees can enjoy the maximum profit margin.

The above is the introduction of GELAN electrical switch sockets to join the agent 10 major advantages, if you still have questions, or learn more about joining agents, you can consult customer service staff online.


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