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Yuba installation introduction Raiders

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-01-14 

The Yuba is installed in the bathroom and the bathroom is a wet area. Therefore, the installation of Yuba in the bathroom is exquisite, so that it can be used safely and safely. Today, GELAN Xiaobian will introduce you to the Yuba installation strategy.


Yuba installation introduction Raiders one: choose high quality, brand heating lamp Yuba

According to reports, the general Yuba heating bulbs are all infrared stone fluorescent lamps. This heating method heats up quickly and has no damage to the body. Instantly can be heated to about 25 ° C, the general Yuba is divided into 2 bulbs and 4 bulbs, the purchase should be based on the size of their bathroom space. If the bath is too large for 5 bulbs below 5 square meters, the bathroom with a larger bulb can choose 4 bulbs. At present, the heating bulbs are generally waterproof and explosion-proof, and some of the heating bulbs have a protective net.

Yuba products generally integrate three functions of lighting, heating and exhausting. After installation, the whole bathroom will often save a lot of space. In general, Yuba's appearance, size, and style should be consistent with the bathroom's decoration style, so that it can be coordinated. In addition, because Yuba belongs to appliances that are in close contact with people, once the quality is not enough, electric leakage will directly cause injury. Therefore, products of big brands should be selected as much as possible, and generally can provide three years of free warranty.

Yuba installation introduction Raiders 2: Do not use both bulbs at the same time

When the Yuba is turned on, the four heating bulbs and the illuminated bulbs are used at the same time. This is not only expensive but also unsafe. The power of the four heating bulbs can be up to 1100W. If used for a long time, it may easily cause some old houses to trip. At the same time, the standing time under the Yuba should not be too long, generally should not exceed half an hour, otherwise it will be easily injured by strong light radiation.

Since the brightness of the heating bulb is already high enough, many manufacturers have designed to automatically cut off the lighting bulb when the heating bulb is turned on, but some early models do not have this function. In order to avoid waste, the user should not turn on the illumination at the same time. And many users like to read in the bathroom, if you use high-brightness heating lights as lighting, it is easy to cause damage to the eyes.

Yuba installation introduction Raiders three: installation should not be too low

When installing Yuba, try to install it on the top of the head instead of on the side of the body like some hotels. It is best not to be too low from the top of the head. In theory, it should be above 40 cm to ensure that it does not bother the skin.

In addition, Yuba should not spray with water while working. Although the current Yuba is composed of waterproof and high-temperature resistant bulbs, the motor in the gap next to it is often afraid of contact with water. The metal in the motor has strong electrical conductivity. It is easy to cause short-circuit of the power supply due to contact with more water, which is dangerous. In addition, Yuba's heating bulb can reach 165 degrees after opening. Never touch it with your hands. Otherwise, it is easy to burn, and try to avoid close contact with the baby.

The above is the introduction of the Yuba installation strategy, I hope you will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about Yuba, please pay attention to the official website of Grand Electric.


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