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Switch socket purchase guide

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-01-14 

With the increase in electrical appliances and lighting, switch sockets are everywhere in every area of the home. Easy to break switch sockets have a great impact on the home life experience, changing the switch socket is a more troublesome thing. If one day you go home from work, you suddenly find that the switch socket of the kitchen is damaged. At this time, the kitchen lighting can't be used. The dark kitchen allows your family to go out to eat. If you do it several times, you will feel very much when you think about it. Bad. At this time, you will remember how important a good switch socket is for home life. Today, GELAN Xiaobian will share the guide for the switch socket purchase.


1, the quality of the switch socket purchase technology is related to the safety of household electricity, some products that have been certified by the electric power board and other testing institutions can be trusted. Consumers can ask the salesperson about this and it would be better if they could provide a copy. At the same time, you can also ask the internal materials of the switch and socket. The conductive parts of good quality products should be made of phosphor bronze and the contacts should be made of composite silver.

2, structure, some imported or joint venture products have eliminated the traditional screw pressure line, and the use of pressure plate type terminal block, which can increase the wire contact area, improve the conductivity, avoid the screw to damage the core wire, and single core, multi-core Lines can be used.

3, logo, switch socket purchase should pay attention to the logo on the base of the switch socket, including 3C certification, rated current and voltage. Packaging, product packaging should have a clear manufacturer address phone, with instructions for use and certificate of conformity.

4, appearance, good socket selection panel are using high-grade plastic products, it looks very uniform material, the surface is smooth and has a certain texture, the choice of pc material panel, its flame retardancy, insulation and resistance The impact is very good, and its material is very stable, it is not easy to find discoloration. The switch and socket made of such material can greatly reduce the fire caused by the circuit and so on.

The above is a brief introduction to the purchase guide of the switch socket. Under the condition that the product has sufficient quality and safety guarantee, everyone is choosing the appearance switch socket which is suitable for the decoration style. If you want to know more about switch sockets, please pay attention to GELAN's official website.


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