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Bathroom purchase Yuba 3 major considerations

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Yuba is an indispensable bathroom household appliance for our bathing in the cold winter days. Since the bathroom is a wet area, we must pay attention to the quality and installation and use of the product when purchasing Yuba. Today, GELAN Xiaobian wants to tell everyone about the toilet bathing matters, I hope to help you to buy a satisfactory Yuba.


Yuba purchase 3 major considerations:

First of all, buy Yuba to understand the knowledge of Yuba. At the time of purchase, it is necessary to check whether the name of the factory, the address of the factory, the telephone number, and the trademark are true, whether it involves a brand name or a means of supervising overseas companies to "hang the sheep to buy dog meat." Purchasing products produced by well-known enterprises, these products have passed the national compulsory certification, and good brands have even passed international quality certification, and are cautiously purchased for OEM products.

Second, the quality of the good Yuba is not bad, and the quality of the Yuba is better. To check the quality of the appearance parts, whether there is a phenomenon of cutting corners, it is best to test the effect of the product on the spot, and the appearance and packaging of the fake Yuba are rough. As the core component of Yuba, the quality of infrared heating foam is especially important. High-quality Yuba generally adopts international standard bubble-type heating guns. The fake and low-quality OEM baths often use short-neck non-standard heating bulbs and lighting bulbs. The direct consequence is that it will bring sequelae to safety performance, product quality efficiency and heating lighting replacement.

Third, pay attention to the price of Yuba. The domestic first-line Yuba brand, its strong economic strength prompted them to implement the profit-making price strategy, giving consumers affordable, so high-quality Yuba is not necessarily very expensive, people can not blindly believe that the price of a share. Of course, you can't just buy some cheaper ones. To enlarge the eye to buy genuine products.


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