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Yuba installation wiring detailed

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-02-19 

As the Internet has prospered, online shopping has become the main shopping method for most people. Some people will buy Yuba online. The big brands are all on-site installation services, but some do not have any installation services, and some consumers will choose to install them themselves. Today, GELAN Electric Yuba manufacturers will share with you the details of Yuba installation wiring.


Yuba installation wiring explanation:

Yuba generally has three switches, two for controlling heating, and one for controlling lighting. In fact, just the wire from the outside is not guaranteed to be correct, and it will burn the line if it is not good. Need to open it, here to note that some brands of Yuba need to remove the light to open.

If the Yuba wiring is wrong, the following problems will generally occur. Once opened, the lighting module, the heating module, and the exhaust module are opened together. If this is the case, use one.


If you copy it to the carbon fiber and gold tube bath with thermal protection, it will cause serious problems. Therefore, you should have 8 lines, and if there are at least 7 lines, if you want to control the two lights separately, you need 9 pieces. . Thanks to the empty tube reserved in front, the line was correctly connected, and it was tried and comfortable. The fan automatically turns on after a few minutes of heating. It automatically turns off after the temperature drops. Independent fan switches are not affected. It just won't turn off when it's automatically dissipated.

The above is the detailed explanation of the wiring installation of the Yuba by the GELAN electric Yuba manufacturer, but there are some outlets of the brand Yuba. If you don't know about the Yuba installation, you can refer to the manual to install the Yuba in combination with the above description, the first time. It is recommended to find someone who will know how to install to help you complete it.


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