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Yuba wiring error consequences

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-02-20 

Yuba is one of the important appliances in the bathroom. Since the bathroom is a very wet link, it needs to be taken seriously in the installation of Yuba. Today, GELAN Xiaobian will tell you about the consequences of the wrong connection when the Yuba is installed.


Consequence one: unable to use Yuba

This is the most direct consequence. If the wrong wire is connected, the Yuba can't be used normally. There will also be a series of problems. For example, Yuba has opened the switch, the light is not bright, or there are 4 lights, only 1 or 2 are bright. Fully bright; or the bath does not respond at all.

Consequence 2: triggering a safety incident

If the Yuba cable is connected incorrectly, it may cause a safety accident such as burnout of the circuit or fire. This is very common in our lives, and we can often see in various news that the fire caused by the Yuba power cord is wrong.

Consequence 3: Reinstall the wires

If the home has a circuit shared with the bathroom, the Yuba wiring is wrong, causing the circuit to be burned out. Not only does the bathroom need to re-install the wires, but other rooms sharing a circuit also need to be re-installed.

The above is the three situations that the Yuba wiring error will cause, so we must be careful when installing the Yuba. I hope the above content will help you. More knowledge about Yuba comes from GELAN Electric's official website.


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