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Six major hazards of poor quality wall switch sockets

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-02-21 

With the development of society and technology, the widespread use and variety of home appliances has increased, and the wall switch sockets required at this time will increase with the increase of electrical appliances. Due to the increased market demand for wall switch sockets, this industry has been favored by many people, and various brand wall switch sockets have appeared on the market. There is a saying that the forest is big, what birds are there, and the switch socket industry is no exception. Today, GELAN Xiaobian will tell you about the hazards of inferior wall switch sockets.

Inferior wall switch socket 6 big hazard:

1. The problem of structural design, the national requirements for switch sockets is not less than 3mm. Inferior switch can not meet the requirements, the arc generated by the switch at the moment of disconnection is very strong, resulting in a high temperature of 2000-4000 degrees on the surface of the contact point, melting the metal on the contact surface, and prolonging the disconnection time of the circuit, resulting in safety. Hidden dangers.

2. In the socket, the structure of the inferior socket insert adopts the rough riveted assembly structure, which increases the contact resistance. The riveting joint is easy to generate heat and generates high temperature. The material is easy to be plasticized and deformed around the soft insert sleeve, resulting in displacement of the insert sleeve and formation in severe cases. Short circuit, causing a fire.

3. Cut corners, wall switch sockets use inferior plastic materials, low heat resistance, poor flame retardancy, impact resistance, aging resistance, will lead to a decline in the overall performance of the switch socket, can not guarantee the switch socket The normal use of this, in the long run, left a safety hazard in the event of a fire.

4. The electrical capacity of the metal parts of the wall switch socket is related to the electrical conductivity of the material of the component itself and the cross-sectional area of the current-carrying component. Some switch sockets use cheap copper with poor electrical conductivity, plus cut corners, use thin and narrow metal parts to reduce the cross-sectional area, metal parts generate more heat, and easily lead to safety accidents.

5. It is prone to overload, and there are signs of rated voltage and current in the switch socket. When the power of the lamps and electrical appliances connected in the circuit is too large, the current passing through the working circuit will increase with the increase of power (voltage relative Stable), causing the current through the switch socket to exceed the rated current. According to the law of current thermal effect, the higher the current in the circuit, the higher the temperature rise, and the high temperature for a long time may damage the switch socket, which may cause a fire in severe cases.

6. Analysis of the cause of human body electric shock, a strong arc will be generated at the moment when the switch is turned on, and the wet hand is often used to open the switch, which reduces the insulation resistance of the human body and the insulating part of the switch, causing insulation breakdown; There is too much water on the hand, and the structure of the inferior switch is loose. The water flows into the contact switch, so that the wall switch socket and the human body directly form a path current to form a loop through the human body to the earth, causing an electric shock accident.

The above is the inferior wall switch socket 6 big hazard related introduction, when buying a wall switch socket, everyone needs to look for genuine, pay attention to see 3C certification, more switch sockets to buy skills here.


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