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Yuba franchise site selection considerations

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-04 

Choosing a good address plays an important role in the Yuba franchise store. Before we open the Yuba franchise store, we must not only investigate which brand is good, but also choose a good address for the project we are joining. So, how to choose the address of the Yuba franchise store? The following is a brief introduction by GELAN to introduce the matters to be noted in the location of the switch socket franchise store.


First, good location is not equal to good business

Good location good storefront often means high rent, only to make rent for the landlord, so you should choose the location and storefront suitable for Yuba sales. Yuba franchise store should be connected with the decoration link, such as furniture store, building materials store, bathroom store; secondly, should choose a more concentrated regional operation, because this can not only use the customer base of the neighbor store, but also for professional consumption. group.

Second, good at distinguishing effective traffic

The flow of people at the location where Yuba joins the store is very important for information dissemination and sales, but not all traffic is an effective consumer group. First of all, it must be analyzed whether it is a fixed flow of people or a flow of people. For example, a convenience store in a certain district has a large flow of people, but it is basically a fixed flow of people. Only a constant flow of unfixed people will contribute to product information. The dissemination and effective sales of products; secondly, the consumption level and cultural level of human traffic should be analyzed in depth. First, look at the product grades sold in this area. Second, understand the price and surrounding environment around the site (such as universities and cultural facilities). , entertainment venues, etc.); for example, the flow of people near the industrial area is basically based on the workers and the operation of the household appliances store is not suitable.

Third, field visits are very important

Military expert Liu Bocheng often uses the "five lines of uncertainty, the loss is clean" to illustrate the importance of field trips, as well as the choice of storefront. After confirming the operation of the lot, you should further investigate the location and operation of the site. You can choose a home appliance store in this location to focus on the calculation, use the time of day to calculate the flow of people passing through the hour, the number of customers entering the store, and the purchase of products. The number of customers, in order to judge the operation of this home appliance store.

Fourth, you have to go and see and ask

Look at the business of the people around you, see what kind of consumption people are around, ask more, how much people are interested in your products, only if customers are interested in the products to attract their desire to buy, here One point, you can try to set up an item stall to see if there is a flow of people and customers have a demand for the product, you can give it a try. At the same time, I also promoted my own shop.


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