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How to choose Yuba to join the brand

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-08 

In recent years, the Yuba market has developed rapidly, and Yuba agent has become the first choice for many entrepreneurs and investors. With the arrival of Yangchun in March of 2019, China Merchants has become the highlight of the major Yuba manufacturers. At this stage, Yuba manufacturers generally launch many preferential and support policies to attract agents. According to the author's understanding, in recent years, there have also been cases in which dealers frequently change brands. Therefore, in general, joining and attracting business is a mutually beneficial process. For the franchisees who do not understand the brand, they still need to do their homework in advance. Only in this way can they choose the brand to join the agent in combination with their actual situation. Yuba franchisees need to do their homework in advance to start from the following two aspects:



1. Establish brand market positioning

At the beginning of the selection of Yuba to join the brand, we should first make a certain understanding of the Yuba market in our city, especially the peers in the business district around the store, to be bottomed out.

If the consumption level of the region is not comparable to that of the economically developed regions, then the dealers cannot easily introduce the high-end Yuba brand blindly; according to the actual situation of the local market, they will decide the general positioning of the Yuba brand, and then look for the franchise brand. In order to get twice the result with half the effort and improve the success rate.

2. Investigate product popularity

The purchase of Yuba depends entirely on the consumer's preference for the product. Because of this, the reputation of the Yuba brand that dealers want to join is good, and the degree of popularity of the products is a factor that needs to be investigated. So the suggestion can be examined in several ways.

First of all, how popular is the brand in all regions of the country? What is the status of consumers in the minds of consumers? Is it the top ten brands of Yuba? You can obtain the previous sales data directly from the brand company, or you can learn from the side, and know the sales situation of the agent who has operated the brand. Secondly, according to the positioning of the brand and the style of the product, what percentage of people in the local area would be interested in purchasing this product? Therefore, it is not enough to judge the target number of customers.

In addition, depends on whether its product pricing is price competitive in similar brands? The design style is consistent with the consumption habits and preferences of local consumers, and try to avoid the possibility of conflicts and conflicts. If Yuba agent franchisee wants to get business opportunities in franchise stores, investors must have a unique eye, do a basic survey of the local market, understand the needs of consumers, and choose suitable partners among many brands. Cooperate and support each other.


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