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Type 86 wall switch production materials

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In our home life, the types of wall switch sockets commonly used are Type 86 and Type 118. Compared with the two types of wall switches, consumers prefer the 86 type, and the 86 type is more in line with the public aesthetic. Today, GELAN Xiaobian tells everyone about the 86 type wall switch production materials?


The commonly used production materials for 86 wall switches are as follows:

1. The brand switch should use silver alloy as the contact and tin phosphor bronze composite material as the conductive bridge.

2, good product back seat materials are mostly molded with nylon 66 toning and flame retardant materials.

3, nylon 66 color plus flame retardant material is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance, with high strength, high toughness, high heat resistance, high electrical insulation performance and UV resistance.

4, polycarbonate, Polycarbonate referred to as PC material, commonly known as bulletproof rubber.

5. The electrical switch is an electrical accessory that connects the current and cuts off the current; the socket is responsible for the connection of the electrical plug to the power supply.

The above is the commonly used production material for the 86 type wall switch. When purchasing the 86 type wall switch, you can also decide whether you can buy it according to the material reference. If you want to know more about the related home switch, please continue to pay attention to GELAN electrical official website.


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