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Wall switch classification

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Wall switch purchase is a concern for consumers, but wall switch classification is a concern for dealers and some consumers. Today, Xiaobian will tell everyone about the general classification of wall switches.

Wall switches are commonly used in home life with single control and dual control. There are big differences between the two wall switches. Each unit has one more terminal than the single control. One lamp can be controlled in the room. It can also be called double control outside the room. The dual control switch can be used as a single control. Use, but the single control switch can not be used for dual control.


1, switch classification

According to the start mode of the switch: pull switch, rotary switch, reverse switch, push button switch, rocker switch, touch switch, etc.

2, commonly used switches are classified according to the connection method

According to the connection mode of the switch: single control switch, dual control switch, bipolar (dual) dual control switch.

3, according to the size of the specification

According to the specification size: 86 type, 118 type, 120 type.

4, by function classification

One billing (double) control two billing (double) control three billing (double) control four billing (double) sound and light control delay switch touch delay switch doorbell switch speed control (dimming) switch card Electric switch socket. The narrowness of the wall switch refers to the switch, which actually refers to a large area of the wall switch and the wall socket. There are mechanical, intelligent, flat, and seesaw.

Through the above introduction, I hope to help you, but Xiaobian wants to tell dealers here, these professional basics, need to be remembered. Consumers, it is better to be able to understand. If you can't remember so much, just remember what kind of wall switch your home is relative to, which is convenient for buying wall switches later.


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