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What is the air switch _ how to buy air switch

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In daily life, we are inevitably in contact with electrical appliances, we must be careful about the use of electricity. It is very important to have a good air switch in your home life. How do you choose an air switch?

What is the air switch?

Air switches, also known as circuit breakers, are one type of circuit breaker. It is a switch that automatically disconnects as long as the current in the circuit exceeds the rated current. The air switch is a very important electrical appliance in the low-voltage distribution network and electric drive system. It combines control and multiple protection functions. In addition to the ability to complete contact and disconnect circuits, it can also protect against short circuits, severe overloads and undervoltages in circuits or electrical equipment, and can also be used to start the motor infrequently. In the absence of complete contact and disconnection of the circuit, it also protects the passages of the electrical equipment or the load.


How to buy air switch?

1. First look at the weight of the air switch. Generally speaking, the high-quality air switch is made of flame-retardant PC plastic. The inner part uses pure copper wire. The more the number of turns, the heavier the quality.

2. Next, look at the arc-extinguishing hood inside the air switch. The arc-extinguishing hood is used to generate an arc when the circuit is short-circuited and overloaded. If the arc cannot be successfully extinguished, the phenomenon of ignition will occur. This is very important. Nine pieces of iron.

3. Whether the switch surface meter has CCC certification, PICC guarantee quality certification and other signs.

4, try to choose the air switch produced by the regular manufacturer, observe the work, shake whether there is sound, and pay attention to whether there is a pseudo-flag and the appearance of the font distinction.

5, pay attention to the material color distinction, the handle color is different, the handle feels the thrust elasticity is good.

6. The coil is electromagnetically induced. If the short circuit and the overload induction coil pull the trip unit to make it clutch, the number of turns of the copper coil inside the air switch is as good as possible.

7. The air switch is related to the safety of electricity. It is the last protective measure of the circuit and must not cause problems. Therefore, choose the air switch brand to pay more attention to quality, we must buy a regular brand.


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