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Switch socket safety is a must

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-04-19 

There are not many safety incidents that occur in our daily lives due to switch sockets. There are two main causes of these accidents: one is the quality of the switch socket itself, and the other is caused by our improper use. Today, Xiaobian will tell you: What are the things that need to be noticed in the safe use of power in switch sockets in our daily home life.

Since there are many precautions for use, I will give you a description of the family area:


living room

1, cut off the electrical power supply

Most of the switches of the electric appliance are designed on the secondary side of the transformer. The switch only does not disconnect the primary coil that is directly connected to the power supply. The electrical appliance is always in a state of being energized and heated. The waste is not said, and the electrical insulation of the primary coil may be carbonized. Short circuit, it is easy to cause fire.

2, to avoid children's contact socket

The socket on the wall of the living room is relatively low. When the decoration is finished, a protective cover is placed on the socket to prevent the child from curious to put a finger or other foreign object into the jack.

3, the power outlet should not be used intensively

Do not use too many appliances on one power outlet. The socket cannot be overloaded with excessive power, which may cause short-circuiting, tripping, and fire.


1, electronic products do not put bed charging

Taking mobile phone charging as an example, charging at the bedside, in case the mobile phone explodes, the first will directly hurt the person at the bedside, and the second will light the bedding and cause a fire.

2, lighting away from the fabric

During use, the temperature of the surface of the bulb is very high, and flammable materials such as cloth come into contact with the surface of the bulb or are close to each other, and will burn in a short period of time.

3. Use electric heating equipment cautiously

The high temperature characteristics of the electric heating device provide conditions for the occurrence of fire, and people cannot pay attention to the operation of the electric heating device while sleeping, and it is difficult to remedy in the event of an accident.


1, do not use multiple appliances at the same time

Household appliances such as rice cookers, induction cookers, and microwave ovens are basically concentrated in the kitchen. The concentration of electrical appliances is high, and the safety of kitchen electricity cannot be ignored. It is best not to use multiple appliances at the same time.

2, electrical appliances away from the socket

Electric cookers that generate steam during use, such as rice cookers and hot water bottles, should be kept away from the socket, because the sprayed steam will enter the socket when it is sprayed on the socket, and the water vapor will damage the circuit and cause the wire to be short-circuited.

3, away from the sink

The outlet near the sink is too hot to get wet, and the possibility of fire is extremely high. Don't make things that endanger home safety for the convenience of the moment.


1, dry and wet partition

There is an electric appliance in the bathroom, and the bathroom is full of water vapor. If you are not careful, the bathroom becomes a space where electric current runs everywhere. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, it is best to separate the wet and dry areas, sockets, electrical appliances, etc. are only used in dry areas, or outside the door, the difference between wet and dry areas must be obvious, to prevent any possibility of electricity accidents Sex.

2, dry your hands

Use your appliance within the bathroom or touch any switch and wipe your hands dry. Sometimes an electric shock accident in the bathroom is caused by our own inattention.


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