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Wall switch socket basics

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Electrical energy is the most basic energy source in modern society. People can't do without it all the time. However, wall switch sockets make it easier for us to use electricity. Although the wall switch socket has facilitated our lives, we should know more about it. Today, Xiaobian wants to explain to everyone the position, control and pole of the wall switch socket.


Basic knowledge of wall switch socket: position, control, pole

First, "bit"

Bit, also called joint, home wall switch, can also be called a few switches, meaning that on a panel, there are several independent switch function modules. "One" has one switch, and "two" has two switches. The functions of these switches are independent of each other and do not interfere with each other, saving cost and saving space.

Second, "control"

We can see more of this term, such as single-control switch, dual-control switch, etc., which means that one circuit and two circuits can be controlled. For example, a single control switch can only control one line; a dual control switch, with the letters a and b, represents two circuits, that is, the process of switching is to turn on a to turn off b, or to turn on b to turn off a. The two lines will not be turned on at the same time and will not be disconnected at the same time.

Dual-control wall switches are used in home decoration, and friends can spend more time understanding the principle of dual-control switches. For example, we often ask that the light bulb in the bedroom can be opened and closed at the bedside, and can be opened and closed at the door of the bedroom to control the light bulb in two places. We can use two dual control switches through certain wiring rules. Realize this requirement.


Third, "extreme"

The pole also uses a hotel wall switch to control several circuits, but it is fundamentally different from the above mentioned control. For example, the bipolar switch assumes that the two circuits are represented by the letters a and b. The switch can simultaneously control the two circuits a and b. Either turn on at the same time or disconnect at the same time, which is completely different from the purpose of the dual control switch.

The above is the explanation of the position, control and polarity of the wall switch socket. If you want to know more about the wall switch socket, please continue to pay attention to the official website of Gran Electric.


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