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Wall switch socket installation tips

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-04-28 

In order to facilitate future home life, some consumers will pay attention to the wiring method and installation skills of the wall switch socket. Wall switch sockets have a long service life, and there will be loss during use. At this time, wiring methods and installation techniques can be used.


Wall switch socket installation tips:

1. The switch socket cannot be installed on the tile and waist line of the tile.

2. When the bottom of the switch socket is in the opening of the tile, the frame cannot be more than 2mm larger than the bottom box, and it cannot be opened into a round hole. In order to ensure that the switch and socket are installed in the future, the bottom box should be level with the tile as much as possible, so that it is not necessary to find a longer screw when installing later.

3, the position of the switch socket can not be destroyed more than two tiles, and try to install it in the middle of the tile.

4, the opening of the faucet must be opened into a round hole, can not be opened into a square hole, and can not be opened into a "U" type, and then fill a piece in the "U" type hole, the size of the opening can not exceed 2mm of the pipe diameter Above, and the outlet should also be flush with the tiles.

5. When the socket is installed, the mounted socket should be no less than 1.8 meters from the ground.

6. Concealed sockets should be no less than 0.3 meters from the ground. To prevent children from electric shock, finger touch or metal objects, the safety socket with safety cover must be used.

7. The construction wiring requirements for the single-phase two-eye socket are: “left zero right fire” when the holes are arranged horizontally and “zero under fire” when arranged vertically.

8. The wiring requirements of the single-phase three-eye socket are: the uppermost grounding hole must be firmly connected to the grounding wire, connected and connected, and must not be connected. The remaining two holes are wired according to the rule of “left zero right fire”. It is worth noting that the neutral wire and the protective ground wire must not be misconnected or integrated.

9. The refrigerator should use a separate three-eye socket with protective grounding. It is strictly forbidden to connect the grounding wire to the gas pipeline to avoid serious fire accidents. To ensure the absolute safety of the family, the socket of the range hood should also use a three-eye socket. The protection of the grounding hole must not be taken lightly.

10, the bathroom is often used for bathing and showering, easy to wet, it is not suitable to install ordinary sockets, should use waterproof switch to ensure personal safety.

11. When installing the switch, the concealed switch requires 1.2m-1.4m from the ground and a horizontal distance of 150mm-200mm from the door frame.

The above is the introduction of wall switch socket installation skills, if you want to know more about wall switch socket knowledge, please continue to pay attention to GELAN electrical official website.


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