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GELAN electrical switch socket join advantage

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-05-14 

GELAN electrical switch socket join advantage

GELAN Electric brand promotion package covers a variety of channels, such as flat media network media and outdoor wall, covering all mainstream media and enhancing the awareness of GELAN electrical brands and products.

GELAN Electric provides franchisees with comprehensive product knowledge, sales skills, market development and team management, and systematic training of brand concepts, product knowledge and sales skills to provide a solid guarantee for the expansion and promotion of the agent market.

GELAN Electric provides full support for the franchisee market sales and expansion. GELAN Electric has a dedicated regional manager to provide professional guidance and operational guidance for agents to assist agents in market development and management.


GELAN electrical switch socket joining conditions

The company has a brand operation concept and a certain financial strength, has market planning capabilities and market promotion experience, and has a good financial position.

A basic sales service team and a sound service concept.

The agent agrees with the development concept and strategic planning of the Granville brand and is willing to cooperate for a long time to collaborate on the long-term development of the GELAN electrical brand and business.


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