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How to buy Yuba?

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-05-15 

Now Yuba has become a standard small appliance for every family bathroom. With Yuba, you can take a warm hot bath even in the cold winter. Every consumer wants to buy Yuba with good quality, beautiful appearance, low price and low power, but I don't know how to buy it. Then, today Xiaobian will tell you how to buy Yuba.


First of all, look at the quality of the heating lamp, Yuba heating effect is good, to a large extent, the quality of the heating lamp is determined, the high-quality heating lamp heats up quickly, the effect is good, no need to preheat, instantly can heat up to 23-25 degrees Celsius, and then buy Pay attention to the quality of the heating lamp, such as whether there is sufficient safety, whether it is completely waterproof and explosion-proof, whether the appearance process is flawless, and whether the heating lamp has power adjustment function.

Secondly, according to the size of the bathroom to choose the right Yuba: buy Yuba, depending on the area of use and the level of the bathroom to determine. The Yuba on the market now has two, three and four heating bulbs, and the applicable areas vary. Generally, the bathroom is chosen at a height of 2.6m. The two bulbs are suitable for a bathroom of about 4 square meters. This is mainly for old-fashioned buildings with small bathrooms; the four lamps are suitable for bathrooms of about 6-8 square meters. This is mainly for modern housing for larger bathrooms.

Finally, pay attention to the safety of Yuba products: Since Yuba is installed in a humid place, safety must not be ignored. We can check whether the products have national 3C electrical certification and other safety certification marks, and some other quality Yuba also specialize. With safety protection switch to ensure the absolute safety of the product, the cheap Yuba often ignores the safety, the product does not have any safety guarantee, and everyone should not be cheap.


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