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Bathroom wall switch socket installation details

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With the development of technology, home appliances have become more and more, so the number of switch sockets in the home has also increased with the increase of electrical appliances. Today, GELAN Xiaobian mainly introduces the relevant details to be paid attention to when installing wall switch sockets in the bathroom. Reminder: Because the bathroom is heavy due to moisture, you should choose a switch socket with a waterproof cover.

The electrical products in the bathroom should be of a waterproof three-hole wall switch socket of better quality. If you use Yuba to keep warm, you should install a pun in the entrance door outside the bathroom, a ceiling light to control the bathroom, and a control bath. Try to choose a good quality and waterproof wall switch socket product.

Height and position of the wall switch socket in the bathroom: The concealed switch requires 1.2m-1.4m from the ground. The position of the switch should correspond to the position of the lamp. The height of the switch in the same room should be the same.

Connection method of the switch socket when installing with the power cable: The wiring requirements of the single-phase two-eye socket are: "left zero right fire" when the holes are horizontally arranged, "zero fire" when the vertical arrangement is arranged; single-phase three-eye socket The wiring requirements are: the uppermost grounding hole must be firmly connected to the grounding wire, connected and connected. It is worth noting that the neutral wire and the protective grounding wire must not be connected or integrated.

The above is the introduction of the bathroom wall switch socket installation details, I hope to help you. The environment of the bathroom is extraordinarily humid, pay attention to the ventilation and moisture, and the door of the bathroom should be kept open. The wall switch socket should be at a distance from the bathing area. Even with a waterproof cover, it may cause safety hazards in a humid environment.


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