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What is an integrated appliance? How to install integrated appliances?

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First, what is the integrated electrical appliance?

I believe that when some people hear the integrated electrical appliances, they will have the same reaction as before. What is the integrated electrical appliance? Integrated electrical equipment refers to the abbreviation of integrated ceiling electrical appliances, which mainly includes three modules of heating, ventilation and lighting. Of course, it also includes some other comparison modules, such as thermometers. Integrated electrical appliances are mainly used in the bathroom, and the market has gradually replaced the traditional lamp warm bath heater for heating.

2, how to install integrated electrical appliances?

The installation of integrated electrical appliances and ordinary lamp warm bath installation will be different, because the installation of different modules such as lighting, heating, ventilation, etc., the main installation methods are as follows:

1. Install the corner line. The installation of the edge strip should be flat and firm, determine the installation height, and draw a horizontal line. After the tiles are properly placed, in the horizontal case, the matching corners of the integrated ceiling are tightly fixed on the tiles, so that there is no obvious gap.

2, the lower boom and the installation of light steel keel, the distance between the boom and keel should be the same as the size of the panel.

3, according to the actual installation length minus 5mm to intercept the required keel, put on the triangle hanging pieces, all the keel temporarily on the main keel.

4, the top line, first of all to determine where to install the lamps, which places need to install kitchen and bathroom appliances, before this, you can first arrange the line.

5, buckle panel, this link will directly affect the overall installation effect of the ceiling. Not only to be level, but also to be straight, pay attention to the overall aesthetics and bilateral symmetry.

6. To install an (embedded) appliance, there must be no gap between the panel and the appliance.

The above is about the introduction of integrated electrical appliances and installation information. There may be some differences in the installation of different brands of integrated electrical appliances. More detailed installation methods are installed according to the instructions.


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