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Which type of 86 and 118 switch sockets is more practical?

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At present, the wall switch sockets on the market mainly include Type 86, Type 118 and Type 120; Type 86 switch sockets are the mainstream on the market, Type 118 is also used in some places, and Type 120 is basically used by no one. The following GELAN Xiaobian wants to introduce you to the 86 and 118 types of switch sockets which is more practical?


1. Most of the 118-type socket parts are multi-function plugs, and the internal current-carrying copper sheet has a complicated structure. In order to adapt to the insertion of different plugs, the internal copper sheet and the plug contact surface cannot be maximized, and even the contact surface is small. The clamping force of the copper piece to the pin is also insufficient. For small power appliances such as chargers, desk lamps, etc., but in today's electrical appliances with a large power, such sockets will bring potential safety hazards, easy to cause contact points to heat or even burn the socket plug.

2. Due to the complex processing and internal structure of the copper sheet, its mechanical strength and life are generally short. Some middle and low-grade even rough processing, copper sheet stamping, bending, etc. are not in place or excessive, so that the copper part of the socket part is irregular, the consequences and the plug are not in contact with the plug or the plug is too loose, too tight and difficult to insert. And so on, the length of time will affect the life of the socket and plug.

3, 118 is a modular free combination, many laymen's consumers and decoration workers are convenient, often combines strong and weak modules on one panel. This result is likely to cause weak electricity to be interfered, and even strong electric wires may not be connected. Tight, loose and placed on the terminals of weak current modules, the result is that the computer TV burned out.

4,118 This kind of multi-function socket seems to be easy to use, can adapt to a variety of different foot-shaped plugs, but in reverse, it is not the case. After plugging a three-hole plug into a socket module, it is impossible to insert two holes. On another module of the panel. The 86-type five-hole panel is equivalent to one of its modules, but the Type 86 can be inserted into the three-hole and two-hole plugs at the same time (a few different types such as Siemens Smart, Vision, Schneider Light Point, Lotus, E3000, etc., because The distance between two or three holes on their five-hole panel is too close).

5, 118 type panel is a little better, but a large part of the cost is not from the workmanship, materials and design, but the complexity of internal processing, and now because this type of panel is not used much, the amount is small The overall cost has increased. Therefore, its cost performance is generally low.

6, due to the limitation of the size of the panel, the switch button can not be made longer and larger in the up and down direction, so the feel of the button is generally not the same as the type 86 switch.

7, due to the module structure and the size of the internal copper parts, most of the 118 socket security protection door shape is the same, a single hole can easily insert things into the room, families with children should pay great attention to electric shock; and regular protection The socket of the door is to be inserted on both sides to insert something. Of course, a few 118 panels can do the same.

According to the above 7 points description of Type 86 and Type 118 switch sockets, I believe that everyone is more practical about which type of wall switch sockets, and I already know more about it. I hope this can help you.


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