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Wind heating bath tying wiring standard

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-04-07 

Yuba is a kind of heating device in the bathroom. I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar. Nowadays, the market is more popular is a wind-heating Yuba, the wind-heating Yuba is also letting us bathe in the winter is not cold, today Gelan Xiaobian will explain to you the installation method of the wind-heating bath.


First, the air heater bath tying standard

1. The connection of the wires should be firm and reliable, with good electrical contact, sufficient mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and good insulation.

2. Carefully read the manual or wiring diagram before installing the wiring, and then wire the wiring after clearing the circuit.

3. The stripping on the switch and the terminal should be controlled between 6mm and 10mm. The other ends should be stripped according to the actual length. The switch head should not be too long. Generally, it should not exceed 100mm. If it is too long, the excess should be cut off. After the switch wiring is completed, the wire should be sent to the line pipe as much as possible. After the wire is straightened, the switch is fixed.

4. Regardless of whether the single or multi-core core wire is inserted into the pinhole when the switch and the terminal are inserted, the first is to insert the hole; the second is not to insert the insulation into the pinhole, the length of the bare wire outside the pinhole. Must not exceed 3mm.

5. The same terminal block promises to connect two wires of the same type and standard.

6. Stop the neutral line (zero line) from being connected to the switch line. The line of the bath and switch should not be changed at will, and the electrical circuit must not be tested.

7. There is a bath that actively reduces the temperature of the cabinet (such as 810, 412, etc.). The phase line (front) should be first accessed from the machine to prevent direct access from the switch to avoid the formation of ventilation. Open it.

8. According to the corresponding color of each function, connect the interconnecting cord or the pre-embedded wire into the terminal of the terminal or the switch post. It is necessary to tighten the wiring, but also prevent the excessive force from being bolted to the end of the bolt terminal. The bolts or terminal blocks of the slider must be replaced in time.

9. The two-core plug wire equipped with the product is only for test machine operation, and should be removed when it is officially installed. The power cord of the device Yuba should be able to carry a load of 10A or more depending on the specific model of the device; the wire diameter of the power cord should be at least 1.5-2.5mm2 between single-core copper wires (generally not more than 6mm2).

The above is the installation method of the air heater bath wiring, for your reference, if you still have anything to understand, you can consult us online. Want to know more about Yuba information, please pay attention to GELAN electrical official website.


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