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Yuba three in one purchase Raiders

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At present, there are more Yuba in the market, there are three in one and five in one. What is the Yuba three-in-one? It refers to functions including lighting, ventilation, and heating. Today, GELAN Xiaobian will introduce you to the Yuba three-in-one purchase strategy.

1, three-in-one bath function

The three-in-one Yuba is no different from the ordinary Yuba in the design and working principle of the external light. It is called the three-in-one Yuba because its function is a collection of three functions. Generally, the three-in-one Yuba has the functions of heating, lighting, and ventilation, as well as heating, ventilation and blowing functions. Due to the integration of its functions, the three-in-one Yuba is also calculated according to the power of each functional component.

2, three-in-one bath price

The three-in-one Yuba has the functions of ventilation, heating and lighting, and is fully functional to meet the needs of most consumers. In terms of price, the price range of the three-in-one Yuba is around 200-300. Compared with the four-in-one or other multi-functional Yuba, its price advantage is obvious. Therefore, it is very suitable for home, saver use.

3, three in one bath superiority

The good brand of three-in-one Yuba uses high-quality heating lamps and lighting lamps, which not only has a large illumination range, but also has a long service life, low power consumption, and no discomfort to the human body. The general Yuba is also equipped with a cold-rolled heat-insulating substrate, which has good heat dissipation and heat-resistance, and can maintain non-deformation and heat dissipation for a long time in a high-temperature environment.


4, three in one bathmaster purchase

Three-in-one Yuba is the first choice in general household bathroom. Its relatively low price can basically meet the functions of normal use of the family and has many consumer groups. As the first choice for practical people, it is essential to choose a high-quality three-in-one bathmaster strategy.

(1) Choose security

The most important thing to choose Yuba is its safety. The Yuba used in the bathroom is waterproof, explosion-proof and anti-shedding. It must be excellent enough to avoid safety accidents.

(2) Select power

The power selection of Yuba is mainly determined by the size of the bathroom and the installation height. If the power is too large, it will waste electricity. If it is too small, it will not be effective. Generally speaking, the bathroom of about 4 square meters can only choose the bath heater of 25W heating lamp.

(3) Select bulb

The choice of light bulb is not only the choice of quality, but also the lighting effect, radiation, and the choice of comfort for the human eye. A high-quality three-in-one Yuba, its lighting will not cause any discomfort to the human body, and it is relatively excellent in lighting heating and color. In general, soft light has a high degree of comfort for the human eye and has a long service life.

(4) Choose to work

Choosing work is actually choosing a brand. A mature brand has a mature assembly line, and the work of its products will not be very bad. Workmanship includes the use of materials and product details, and care should be taken to eliminate defective products when purchasing.

The above is the introduction of the Yuba three-in-one and the purchase of the Raiders, I hope to help you, if you want to know more related questions, please consult the online customer service.


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