Product type: one, two, three, four switch (single control, dual control, multi-control) three-hole five-hole socket

Simple and ultra-thin: extremely simple shape, ultra-thin structural design, breaking through the technical bottleneck of the industry, the overall thickness of the product is only 6mm.

Carefully designed: ultra-thin base, integral plug-in structure, minimal contact resistance and low temperature rise. The socket protection door has anti-missing performance and completely eliminates the risk of electric shock.

To the selection of materials: the selection of high-quality imported PC, tin phosphor bronze, silver-nickel alloy contacts and 1.2mm steel plate, the product is high-gloss white, flame retardant, conductive, long life, anti-oxidation and non-discoloration, anti-impact and never deformation.

Excellent performance: 16A super large current, 4000w load power, life switch 80,000 times 10,000 times, twice the national, mechanical product warranty for 20 years

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