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Wall switch socket material analysis

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In the home life, although the wall switch socket does not look unremarkable, it is such a small object, which is directly related to household safety. When we go to buy a switch socket, we must understand the material, so that we can purchase a safer wall switch socket. The following is a brief introduction by GELAN Xiaobian about the material analysis of wall switch sockets on the market.


The material analysis of the household wall switch socket is as follows:

1. PC material, PC material is also called bulletproof rubber. The characteristics of impact resistance, high temperature resistance and non-discoloration are very important for controlling electrical switches. The better front panel of the switch and the base of the back are made of PC material.

2, black nylon material, many wall switch socket manufacturers use nylon material instead of pc material, so the cost can be reduced a lot. Nylon is a ductile horny translucent or milky white crystalline resin, and the molecular weight of nylon as an engineering plastic is generally from 1.5 to 30,000.

3, mix or ABS, some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of the front panel may not use PC material, replaced with mixture or ABS. These materials are not only resistant to impact and heat, but also prone to discoloration and appear rough when the surface is touched. However, the price is naturally cheaper than PC.

The above three kinds of materials are the material of the household wall switch socket on the market. It is best to choose PC material when purchasing the home wall switch socket. If there is any panel on the wall switch socket material, please contact us.


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