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Wall switch socket installation process

Editor:Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-02-22 

The installation of wall switch sockets involves the safety of electricity, and no wiring errors or missing connections may occur during installation. When we remove the wall switch socket, it is best to take the wiring of the original wall switch socket so that we can follow the wiring. The wall switch socket installation process is mainly installed from clean to wiring to fixed.


The first step, the wall switch socket bottom box, after the disassembly is completed, the inner wall of the bottom box wall is cleaned.

Switch socket installation: first clean the installation location, clean and remove dust and debris.

The switch socket is installed after the woodworker and the like, and the long-term use of the bottom box will inevitably accumulate dust. Clean the dust and impurities in the bottom of the switch socket, and wipe the residual dust in the box with a rag. Doing so prevents impurities from affecting the operation of the circuit.

The second step, power line processing

Wall switch socket installation: Leave the wire pulled out of the box for a length to be repaired in the future, and then cut the wire out of some cores. Be careful not to damage the core when cutting the core. If you can't think of it at this time, look at the pictures of the mobile phones that you took. After you understand them, wrap the wires clockwise on the corresponding terminals of the switch socket, and then tighten the indenter. This step requires the line. The core must not be exposed.

The third step, the wall switch socket three-wire wiring method

Wall switch socket installation: Fire wire, neutral wire and ground wire need to be connected to the socket interface correctly.

According to the figure, connect the fire wire to one of the two holes of the switch, and leave the insulated wire in the other hole to connect to the L hole in the three holes of the socket below. The N holes in the 3 holes of the zero wire access socket are firmly connected. Connect the ground wire to the E hole in the 3 holes of the socket. If the neutral line is connected to the ground line, black light and switch trip will occur when using the appliance.

The fourth step, wall switch socket fixed installation

Wall switch socket installation: Pass the wires out of the wire holes of the switch socket in their respective positions.

First, the wire left in the bottom box is taken out from the outlet hole of the plastic table, and then the plastic table is tightly attached to the wall surface, and it is fixed to the bottom box by screws. After fixing, wire the wires out of the hole of the switch socket according to the wiring mode when the box is just opened, and press the wire tightly.

The fifth step, the wall switch socket panel is fixed

Place the wall switch socket on the plastic table, position it in the right direction, then fix the screws with the tool, and finally cover the decorative board.

The above is the detailed process of wall switch socket installation. The wall switch socket installation must keep two points: one is safety, the other is durability. If you are installing for the first time, then you have to do your homework or find A professional to guide you through the installation.


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