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Integrated ceiling bath installation method

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-03-29 

Yuba, as a household electrical appliance, has brought great convenience to our lives. Recently I have heard some consumers ask me, my own online shopping integrated ceiling, but I don't know how to install it. Today, GELAN Xiaobian will tell you about the integrated ceiling bathroom installation steps.


Step 1. Installation of the corner line

The installation of the strip should be flat and firm, determine the installation height, and draw a horizontal line. After the tiles are properly placed, in the horizontal situation, the matching corner lines of the integrated ceiling will be tightly fixed on the tiles, so that there is no obvious gap.

Step 2. Installation of the keel

The lower boom and the light steel keel are placed, and the distance between the boom and the keel is the same as the panel size. Open the expansion eye at the top and fix all the booms. Connect the lower bottom of the boom to the hook. Then fix the main dragon skeleton in the middle of the hook and adjust the height nut so that the plane of the main keel is 3cm away from the plane line on the edge strip. And fastened.

Step 3. Installation of the keel

According to the actual installation length minus 5mm, take the required keel, put on the triangle hanging piece, according to the drawings

It is requested to temporarily hang all the keels with the triangular hanging pieces on the main keel.

Step 4. Installation of the gusset

Wear clean gloves and install the gussets to take into account the overall aesthetics and bilateral symmetry. Cutting method: Fix the template, use a utility knife and a ruler to describe it more than three times, and cut the edge with scissors.

At a 90 degree angle, fold it by hand 2-3 times. The corresponding surface of the template cutting opening is stuck in the keel, the cutting surface is placed on the edge strip, and the card is pulled out to clamp the template. At this time, the triangular lifting piece can be clamped with the steel tongs and the main keel. . When the middle part template is installed, the two corresponding faces of the template are respectively stuck in the keel, and the gap between the templates is controlled to keep the straight line of the seam. Note: After completing the installation of each row of templates, the triangular lifting pieces should be clamped with the steel tongs and the main keel.

Step 5. Host installation

When designing the installation position of the heating type host according to the drawing, replace the template with the main panel to confirm the accurate installation position of the main unit; then place the main unit in the top of the keel. Install (embed) the appliance, and make the panel and electrical interface flat.

Step 6. Top trace and port panel

At the top of the line, determine where to install the luminaire, where to install the kitchen and bathroom appliances, and arrange the line in advance. Buckle panel, this link is directly related to the overall effect of the ceiling. Not only do you have to level it, but you have to do it straight. .

Through the introduction of the above small series, do you think that the installation of the integrated ceiling Yuba is not difficult, it is not difficult, but after we install, we still need to do another test to avoid the installation error steps.


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