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How to choose a wall switch socket?

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We often get the wrong wall switch socket in our daily life, and we feel that it is no stranger to it. In fact, many people don't know what wall switch sockets need to be installed in every area of the home. Today, GELAN Xiaobian tells everyone how to choose the switch socket for each area in the home?


1, the master bedroom

Double control switch: 2 (main bedroom ceiling light, bedroom double control switch is very necessary, don't save this money, try to double-control 5-hole socket for each bedroom:

4 (two bedside lamps, TV reserved, spare socket)

3-hole 16A socket: 1 (air conditioner, this does not need to have a switch, now there is bus control in the room, when the air conditioner is turned off separately when not in use)

Cable TV socket: 1 telephone network cable socket: 1

2, the second bedroom

Dual control switch: 2 (second bedroom ceiling lights)

5-hole socket: 3 (2 bedside lamps, spare socket)

3-hole 16A socket: 1 (air conditioning) Telephone network, line socket: 1 each

3, study

Single switch: 1 (study ceiling light)

3 hole sockets (table lamp, computer, spare socket)

3-hole socket 16A: 1 (air conditioner) Telephone, network cable socket: 1 each

4, the living room

Double control switch: 2 (living room ceiling lights, some living rooms are far away from the entrance door, turning off the lights every day to the door, so it is very convenient to make double control)

Single switch: 1 (porch light)

5-hole socket: 7 (TV, water dispenser, DVD, spare socket, etc.)

3-hole socket 16A: 1 (air conditioning) Telephone network cable socket: 1 cable TV socket: 1

5, restaurant

Double switch: 1 (restaurant ceiling light, kitchen ceiling light)

5-hole socket: 1 (alternate socket)

One open 3 hole socket: 1 (refrigerator)

6, the kitchen

5-hole socket: 3 (electric rice cooker, spare socket 2)

3-hole socket: 3 (2 hoods, spare sockets)

One open 3 hole 10A socket: 2 (small kitchen treasure, microwave oven)

One open 3 hole 16A socket: 2 (induction cooker, oven)

One open 5 hole socket: 1

7, balcony

Single switch: 1 (balcony ceiling light)

5-hole socket: 1 (alternate socket)

8, the main bathroom

Single switch: 1 (toilet ceiling light)

One open 5 hole socket: 1 (washing machine and hair dryer)

One open three holes 16A: one (water heater)

Waterproof box: 2 (washing machine and water heater, the bathroom is damp, use waterproof box to protect the socket, it is safe)

9, the second bathroom

Single switch: 1 (toilet ceiling light)

One open 5 hole socket: 1 (hair dryer) waterproof box: 1 (hair dryer)

10. Corridor

Double control switch: 2 (corridor ceiling lights, if the corridor is not long, a normal single open)

The above 10 points are a detailed introduction to the selection of wall switch sockets in various areas of the home. It seems simple, but it is still very researchable. You can also make changes according to your actual situation. I hope the above will help you.


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