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Switch socket installation process

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-04-03 

Switch socket is an indispensable electrical in the home life. When it is renovated, we will ask a professional hydropower master to install it in large quantities. However, when some switch sockets need to be replaced, many of us will choose to install it ourselves. Now let's share the switch socket installation steps by GELAN Xiaobian, which is only for everyone's reference during installation.


First, the switch socket bottom box cleaning

The switch socket is installed after the woodworker and the like, and the long-end bottom box is inevitably accumulating a large amount of dust. Clean the switch socket bottom box first during installation, especially clean the dust inside the box, and wipe the residual dust in the box with a damp cloth. This prevents special impurities from affecting the use of the circuit.

Second, the power line processing

Leave the wire pulled out of the box out of the repair length, then cut the core, taking care not to damage the core. Wind the wire clockwise on the corresponding terminal of the switch or socket, and then tighten the pressure head, and the core should not be exposed.

Third, the socket three-wire wiring method

Connect one of the two holes of the fire wire switch to the A mark, and then take the insulated wire from the other hole and connect it to the L hole in the three holes of the lower socket. The zero wire is directly connected to the N hole in the three holes of the socket. The ground wire is directly connected to the E hole in the 3 holes of the socket. If the neutral wire is connected to the ground wire, there will be a trip when using the appliance.

Fourth, the switch socket fixed installation

First, the wire drawn from the box is threaded out of the outlet hole of the plastic table, and then the plastic table is fastened to the wall and screwed to the box. After fixing, wire the wires out of the hole of the switch socket according to their respective positions, and press the wire according to the wiring requirements. Finally, attach the switch or socket to the plastic table, align it and fasten it with screws, and cover the decorative board.

The above is the process of installing the switch socket. The wiring in the switch socket box must be carefully carried out, and the misconnection and the missed connection are not allowed.


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