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How to choose the integrated Yuba?

Editor:Switch socket manufacturers _ switch socket join agent _ Yuba join agent _ Zhejiang GELAN Electric Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2019-04-03 

Integrated Yuba has become the first choice for most people's bathroom heating. However, there are many brands of integrated electrical appliances on the market. How do we choose a safe, easy to use and cost-effective integrated Yuba? The following is a detailed introduction by GELAN Xiaobian.


1. Safety: Since the appliance is used in a humid environment, and there has been an accident in the use of Yuba before, it is best to choose a brand product with relatively safe safety performance, not only the product quality, but also the installation and after-sales service. Relatively more secure. It is understood that brand products are generally guaranteed for one to three years, can be installed free of charge and door maintenance.

2. Bathroom environment: When purchasing, please pay attention to the choice of Yuba according to the bathroom area. Since the current Yuba design is more targeted, directly ask the salesperson to know which model is needed. Generally, the small bathroom has a small area and a large water mist. It is better to choose a better exhaust effect.

3. Demand first: The role of Yuba is to keep warm, so there is no need to choose too expensive Yuba. If it is a consumer who rents a house, it should pay more attention to practical functions. Choose a medium and low-end product in a regular brand. The price is between one and two hundred yuan.

4. Installation attention to details: If the home has a shower room, it is recommended to install the Yuba in the bathroom ceiling, without having to install a Yuba in the shower room. First, because the shower room or shower screen generally has matching shower facilities, and the effective area of the shower room is too small and the height is low. Compared with other spaces, the temperature in the shower room is very high, no need to shower again. If you install a Yuba without special waterproof performance, the water vapor in the shower room will be too concentrated, which will cause the Yuba to get wet, but there will be safety hazards.

The above is how to choose the integrated Yuba, I hope to help you, if you want to know more about the integrated Yuba information, please continue to pay attention to GELAN electrical official website.


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