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Five-hole switch socket wiring method

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The five-hole switch socket is more common in daily home life. For convenience, you can install it yourself. Let's learn how to connect several common five-hole switch sockets.

1, five-hole socket

The live wire (brown) is connected to the L terminal, the neutral wire (blue) is connected to the N terminal, and the ground wire (yellow green) is connected to the protective terminal of the ground wire.


02, five holes with open (single control)

Observe the socket cup surface, the switch has two terminals with a single control; there are three terminals with dual control.

Switch control socket: Take one jumper and connect it to the L end at one end of the switch; the live wire is connected to the other terminal of the switch, and the neutral and ground wires are connected respectively.


Switch control light: use a jumper to connect the live end to the L end, and the ground wire to the ground terminal of the socket; the neutral line of the power line and the zero line of the lamp are connected to the neutral end of the socket; the red line The output of the access switch.


03, five holes with open (dual control)

Generally with double

Controlled five-hole socket, the switch is used to control the lamp. Use a jumper to jump across the common end of the switch and the live end of the socket; connect the live and ground wires in turn.


Use a parallel control line to connect the two output terminals of the dual control socket; the other two sides access the two movable contacts of the other dual control switch, respectively access 1 and 2; the lights are respectively connected to the switch public end.


Have you learned the wiring method of the above three types of 5-hole switch sockets? Hurry and try it yourself. Tips: Always turn off the power brake before wiring.


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