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What is LIANGBA?Is LIANGBA good?

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The May Day has passed and the weather is getting hotter. If you stay in the kitchen in the summer, you will feel the heat in the kitchen. It’s hard to say in the hot kitchen, and the kitchen is not suitable for air conditioning. This is the best choice for the kitchen. It is possible that the writer does not understand the liangba. Today, Xiaobian will give you a brief introduction.

What is Liangba?

LIANGBA is also called a hair dryer. It is an electric fan installed above the ceiling. It has strong wind power and will not blow out the stove fire and has high safety.

Is LIANGBA good?

1. Affordable price

Compared with air conditioners, the price of kitchen liangba can be regarded as quite cabbage. The general price of online sales is between 200-400 yuan, which is similar to the price of an ordinary fan.

2. Power saving and durable, easy to clean

Air conditioning is not only expensive, but its internal structure is quite complicated. There are so many fumes in the kitchen, it is more difficult to clean. Air conditioning is not as easy to clean or durable as the cool tyrant. The kitchen area is heavy and heavy, and it is easy to break the air conditioner. Cooler is more space-saving, more energy-efficient and more durable.

3. Beautiful and practical

Some people say that the liangba is similar to the fan. Why not use a fan directly? A fan squatted in the kitchen, not only occupies the ground, but also affects the appearance, making the home and the outside stalls the same. The liangba looks beautiful, and it doesn't affect the look and feel on the ceiling.

4. Purify the air

Cooler not only makes you cook cooler in the summer, but also effectively cleans indoor air and smoke and reduces soot pollution.


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