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Yuba manufacturers hand to teach you Yuba installation process

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Yuba is a must-have household appliance for winter bathing. Many people know how to use it, but they don't know how to install it. Today, Yuba manufacturers will teach you the installation process of Yuba.


1, open the vent

Determine the position of the ventilation holes on the wall, which should be slightly lower than the air outlet of the centrifugal fan casing above the ceiling to prevent the dew condensation water from flowing into the appliance and open a round hole at this position.

2, ceiling preparation

Note that the vacancy is left at the installation position according to the size of the opening, and the height of the sandwich space formed between the ceiling and the top of the house shall not be less than 220 mm.

3, fixed Yuba

Remove the cover, unscrew all the bulbs, disengage the spring from the ring of the mask and remove the cover.

4, wiring

One end of the interactive cord is connected to the switch panel, and the other end is pulled out from the ceiling opening together with the power cord. Open the terminal cover on the cabinet and connect the cable according to the wiring diagram and the terminal mark. Terminal block cover, screw the terminal block cover.

5, connect the ventilation pipe

Pull out the end of the air duct into the room and pull it out on the air outlet of the centrifugal fan casing.

6. Push the box into the hole

According to the position of the air outlet, select the correct direction to insert the Yuba cabinet into the hole. Use 4 wooden screws with a diameter of 4mm and a length of 20mm to fix the box on the ceiling wood.

7, the installation mask

Insert the mask positioning foot and the positioning groove of the box, and insert the spring on the corresponding loop of the mask.

8, install the bulb

Carefully screw all the bulbs into good electrical contact with the lamp holder, then wipe the bulb and mask clean.

9, fixed switch

Secure the switch to the wall to prevent the power cord from being pulled when in use.

The above points are the installation steps of the Yuba, whether it is the lamp warm bath or the air heater, for the Yuba to play the biggest role, then understanding these installation related knowledge is a must.


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